Why should I wear gloves?

When setting a trap, bait station or monitoring station, it’s important to wear gloves, ideally disposable gloves – read on to find out why.

Rats have, as you might expect, a highly developed sense of smell. And they don’t like humans (can’t think why…). So if they smell human on your trap, monitoring station or bait station, they’ll want to steer clear, especially if there’s plenty of other food around.

That means that you should always use gloves when you handle your bait and station.

If you haven’t been using gloves, you could try washing the smell off your station using warm soapy water. Ensure the soap smell is thoroughly rinsed off afterwards of course.

Non-porous gloves, like rubber or latex are essential because porous ones, like leather or cotton, will eventually pick up your scent anyway.

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