Why haven’t I trapped anything?

See also: Why has the bait been taken but the trap has’t caught anything?.

There could be several reasons why you’re not catching anything.

You don’t have rats

Perhaps unlikely. But if you have some active cats in the neighbourhood or an active trapping or baiting campaign (see our data page to find out) then it is just possible there’s nothing to trap. At the moment. We recommend you persevere, but perhaps check every two weeks rather than every week.

They can smell you

Rats know we don’t like them and they stay away from humans if they can. If they smell your scent on the trap, they may decide simply to stay away.

You could wash the trap (and any station it’s inside), or use clean rubber gloves when handling it.

They have plenty of food

Rats are opportunistic feeders but can be cautious with new food. If there are compost bins, chickens or other farm animals around, or a good supply of seeds and berries, rats may not have much interest in a new food in case it makes them sick.

In the very least they might only sample a little food to see if it makes them sick.

The trap isn’t in a good place

Rats have certain habits – see this advice about where and where not to put traps and bait stations.

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