What tips do you have for a T-Rex rat trap?

The T-Rex rat trap is an excellent trap from a safety and easy of use point of view. We’ve got a few tips and suggestions


  • It is very easy to open and latch safely.
  • You don’t need to touch the dead rat to release it and reset the trap.
  • It doesn’t tend to maim the rats messily.
  • It can be used outdoors – it doesn’t mind getting wet.
  • It can be baited safely without putting fingers etc. in the strike zone.
  • It fits inside the Ambush bait station, to protect children/animals from the trap.


  • A number of people find that their bait has been taken yet the trap has not sprung. Some individual traps may be less sensitive than others.
  • While rats are mostly killed instantly by the T-Rex, it doesn’t kill them outright all the time.


  • It’s not immediately obvious, but the bait cup under the trigger plate on a T-Rex will unscrew. Unscrewing the bait cup with the trap closed is by far the safest way to bait a T-Rex.

  • Some T-Rex’s don’t work at first, as the latch mechanism seems sometimes to get stuck and it won’t latch open. Usually you can try to set it a few times, holding it at different angles such as upside down, or shake it vigorously, and it will come right. However, traps which are faulty are not unheard of.
  • The Ambush enclosure that the T-Rex is often supplied with can also be used as a poison bait station. It’s provided with four metal rods which can be put vertically into holes on the base of the enclosure, so that bait blocks (which tend to have a hollow centre) can be slid onto them. This prevents rats from taking the bait outside the enclosure, where non-target animals could find it.
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