What is a Project?

An Urban Rat Project ‘Project’ is a local predator free community group which is coordinating efforts in a certain town or suburb. Being part of a Project means you’ll get local news in your reminders, and contribute to the data pool they use to work out how well they’re doing.

Joining a Project is optional – you can use The Urban Rat Project as part of a Project, or use it on your own.

What happens when I join a Project?

There are three things that happen when you join a Project.

  1. Firstly, your Reports are now tagged with that Project, so when anyone looks at the data for the Project, your Reports will show up. (Note that the postcode you provide doesn’t affect which Project your Reports appear in.) Read how we protect your privacy if you’re concerned.
  2. Secondly, the Project coordinator(s) will be able to see and download your Reports with everyone else’s in the Project, including your email and physical addresses.
  3. Finally, your reminders will include the latest news from the Project, if they’ve written a Story.

How do I join and leave a Project?

See the article on how to join, change, or leave a Project.

How do I set up my own Project?

Have a look at our community group engagement pages.

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Note that you can choose a Project when you file a report.


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