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General Terms

  1. By using The Urban Rat Project’s services, you agree to these Terms.

Privacy Policy

We do not pass on your personal information, such as your name, email address or physical address, and trap or bait Reports, except as below.

  1. We may need to use third parties for activities carried out in the normal course of running our services (for example the application, sending messages, and storing data) and for some of those activities it may be necessary to pass your personal information to those third parties to enable them to do the things we’ve asked them to do.
  2. We may aggregate your trap or bait Reports with Reports from other users in your area, and publish them, but not at a level which identifies a particular address or person. For example we may provide all the trap or bait reports, but with only a street name (not number) and postcode to identify where they came from.
  3. We may publish a map showing addresses which have provided a Report (but not what was contained in the Report(s)) within 30, 60 or 90 day periods.
  4. In limited circumstances we may supply actual trap or bait Reports, including the address they relate too, for research purposes. We will only do this:
    1. where it is absolutely essential for the particular research being carried out to know the precise location of each trap or bait station;
    2. where the research is conducted by a reputable New Zealand-based organisation and researcher;
    3. where the researchers are able to demonstrate to our satisfaction that they have appropriate measures in place to protect personal information; and
    4. where we have a binding confidentiality agreement with the researcher(s).

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