Trapping tip: establish a feeding station

First published 2017-11-08 05:59
Project The Urban Rat Project

We have had some hot tips coming in for trapping success, in what has been a busy few weeks out there for trappers.

Feeding stations

Establish a feeding station before setting your trap – place peanut butter around the area near your trap, but leave it unset to give the rats a chance to get used to it in their environment, and to associate the trap with food. Keep topping up the peanut butter over a few days until they get used to it.


Peanut butter lure has had a lot of success, but some other luck has been had with combinations of peanut butter with roast vegetables, rolled oats, or cheese.

Change your bait if you have not had much interest, or move your trap to a different place – along a fence line, near your compost bin.

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