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As well as the much loved kiwi, rare saddlebacks and whiteheads have been introduced into Shakespear Park. Some have set up home in the Okoromai Bay area and whiteheads may even have been into your garden.                             For them to survive we need to tackle the rats.

Rat trapping has a double benefit: fewer rats around your house (in your roof or compost bin) and more birds in your gardens, and there will be fewer rats entering Okoromai Bay so less chance of them getting inside the sanctuary pest fence.

Many of us are starting trapping rats in our gardens and would love you to join us by trapping on your property too. We need as many people to take part as possible in order to create a Shakespear Park Halo.


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Heather Campbell

1 year ago

I have many birds in my garden are Gulf Harbour, but there are rats around our water ways and lakes. I want to set rat traps on my section so birds eggs survive.


1 year ago

Hi Heather, great you want to trap, contact me on – we can help you get started.


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