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Help us remove pests from the Hibiscus Coast and the Whangaparaoa Peninsula so native wildlife can flourish.

Our aim is to make the beautiful Hibiscus Coast pest free but we need your help.

We need one in three households on the Hibiscus Coast to be part of the Pest Free Hibiscus Coast project so that our community (and beyond) can become completely pest free.

With extensive baiting and trapping on public and private land, we can achieve a Pest Free Hibiscus Coast for our children and grandchildren to enjoy!

We are already seeing the benefits to our native plants and birdlife by the work we are doing, eliminating unwanted pests and predators, plus the ‘spillover’ effects from Shakespear Regional Park.

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Warren Henderson

7 months ago

Rat trap sign up.
19 Spur Road Silverdale Auckland 0933

Jenny Hanwell

6 months ago

This account is no longer active, please visit for up to date information.

Jos Johnson

2 years ago

The Waiwera community have 2 volunteers (Pied Pipers) who look after 16 traps throughout the area. Over the period July 2018 to May 2019 we have caught 52 rats and 2 stoats. We record all successes and sites of traps. Waipora (Waiwera Property Owners and Ratepayers Association) has just approved the purchase of a further 10 traps so we look forward to further success in the future. The residents have commented on the increase in bird song in the area.

Jos Johnson (Co-Ordinator and Treasurer of Waipora)

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