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The Great WBS Predator Trapping Competition

Congratulations to everyone who has made a trapping tunnel. Nga Manu Waiata (a local predator-free group helping to ‘bring back the birdsong’ in our area) is kindly giving each of you a rat trap for your tunnel. 

Your families mission is to catch as many predators as you can. You can set your trap around your house/section or even in the bush, sand dunes or grass areas around your community. 

If you have other traps you can use them as well. 

You are working with in your family to catch as many predators as possible.

When you catch a predator you must log it on the “Urban Rat Project” website.

The winner will be the family with the most points.

The competition runs for one month: 

1st September – 1st October????


The Points System:

Dead Mouse 2 Points
Dead Rat 5 Points
Dead Hedgehog 5 Points
Dead Possum 8 Points
Dead Weasel 10 Points
Dead Ferret 10 Points
Dead Stoat 10 Points

The Prize

1st Prize Family Pass Stingray Feeding with Dive Tatapouri and a Native Tree Voucher
2nd Prize $25 Bunnings Voucher and a Native Tree Voucher
3rd Prize $10 Bunnings Voucher and a Native Tree Voucher

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