Is my data private? Why do you need my address?

Privacy is really important to you, and it’s really important to us. You may not want your whole neighbourhood to know you’ve caught a rat – although some people like to shout it from the rooftops. This article will explain how we ensure your privacy while enabling the features that make The Urban Rat Project fun.

Email address

We share this only with the administrators of projects which you select when you file a Report, so that they can contact you with other conservation news in your local area.

Street and Postcode

When you file a Report, we need your street and postcode so that we can tell you and your neighbourhood how you’re doing. The data gets summarised in the dashboards on our statistics and data page, and in you and your neighbour’s reminder emails. But this information is only at the street, postcode, and project level – you can’t identify individual users or houses.

Street number

We also collect your street number, but that’s so community coordinators can spot gaps where nobody is filing Reports. If those gaps are more than around 4 houses, they’re likely to have pests that will re-invade the properties where the control is being carried out. The community coordinators can then reach out to households in the gaps to get them onboard, and the gaps can be filled in.

However, if you look at the project coordinator’s view – which is public – you’ll see that the content and date of the Reports isn’t shown. You can only see whether a particular household has filed at least one Report within the last 30 or 90 days, so nobody can tell if any pests were found, when you were or weren’t home, or how often you’re filing Reports.

More information

You may also check out our privacy policy.

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