Below is a step-by-step guide to getting your community project set up on The Urban Rat Project (see why you'd want to do that). We might need 24 hours to create your Project, but overall you shouldn't need to spend more than 30 minutes on it yourself.

Step 1


Create Urban Rat Project accounts for each Project admin you'd like for your Project. (We recommend individual accounts for each admin, using the Google or Facebook login feature so you'll have no new passwords to remember. However, it is possible to set up just one shared Urban Rat Project user account that all Project admins use.

Step 2

Tell us

Use the form below to tell us about the Project you'd like set up.

Step 3


We'll set up the Project and email you when it's done.

Step 4

Find your Project


Log in using the accounts from Step 1 and you'll be presented with a dashboard. Navigate to Projects -> All Projects and you'll see your Project there. Click on the Title column to edit it.

Step 5


Edit your Project's details, including setting up which Regions it operates in, Facebook and website addresses, and selecting a Story.

Check how it looks by finding your Project under the Projects page.

Step 6


Get your whole community to register for their automated reminders at, and tell them the must choose your Project when they file their first Report!