How do I download all the Reports for a Project?

This article explains how Project Admins can download all the data for their Project.

Find the Project

When you’re logged in, go to the All Projects list and find the Project you want the data for. You’ll need to be a Project Admin for that Project to see it, so it’s very likely you’ll only see one Project in the list.

Click on the Download data link in the Data column.

Download the data

You’ll be taken to a page containing a table with rows for all the months for which The Urban Rat Project has some data for your Project.

Click on the CSV link in the Download column to get a Comma Separated Value file (compatible with all spreadsheets including Excel) with all the Project Reports for that month.

Data for periods other than a month

At present, you can only download data for whole months. Therefore if you need data for a period of greater or lesser than one month, you’ll have to import several monthly CSV files into a spreadsheet or other tool, stack them one above each other, and then delete any dates (rows) you don’t want.

What data is available?

The following fields are provided in the CSV file.

  • report_id
  • date
  • email_address
  • project
  • project_id
  • projects
  • street_number
  • street
  • postcode
  • minutes
  • trap_checked
  • trap_reset
  • trap_lure_added
  • trap_caught
  • bait_checked
  • bait_added
  • bait_taken
  • submission_id
  • created_at
  • ip_address
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Note that you can choose a Project when you file a report.


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