How do I dispose of a dead rat or mouse?

Congratulations, you’ve caught a pest animal! Now what?

You’ve got two main options for disposing of it:

  1. Recycle it (aka bury it). Put it well underground in the garden and let it naturally complete the circle of life. You probably want to get it down at least 10 cm, more if you’ve got curious, bored or just plain hungry dogs around who might dig it up.
  2. Wrap it and bin it. At the end of the day a dead mouse or rat isn’t much different from meat trimmings and bones, so it can go into your normal waste and go to landfill. However, it’s very likely that by the time you find it flies will have laid eggs on it, and in short order it will, rather grossly, get infested with maggots. For that reason, wrap it very well in newspaper before you bin it, to stop any maggots or adult flies escaping.
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1 year ago

my partner threw it in the garden – is that a good idea?

Peter Whiting
Peter Whiting
2 years ago

If you live by a stream and have eels, they will thank you for the free meal…

Don Quick
Don Quick
2 years ago

Not a good idea to wrap it in plastic. – Ordinary sheets of newspaper will degrade, plastic won’t.

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