How can I get rats into my trap?

Are you unable to catch your rat? Sometimes rats need a little encouragement to get into a trap.

Sometimes you know there are rats about because you can hear them, see them, or see their faeces, but they won’t take any bait or enter your trap.

This might be because the rats are unaware of the bait inside, because they’re being cautious about the new boxy shape in their environment, or because they can smell human scent on the trap.

Regardless of the reason, some people have found that adding some attractive bait outside the trap, perhaps with a smear leading inside, will attract rats into it. This may take a few days to happen, but eventually you’ll be successful.

Finally, you should always wear gloves, and may need to experiment with different baits.

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Richard Green
Richard Green
2 years ago

The survey we fill in gives no provision for specifying baits (other than those listed) that we might have found effective. I smear a little peanut butter on the trap platform and press a few corn kernels into it (rats love corn – but it’s not listed) and scatter a couple of kernels around the “doorway” of my trap, and the rats are delighted. It’s just a matter of saving and drying a few cobs when they’re in season which gives enough (half a dozen grains per night) to last through the year. Could you put corn on the drop-down… Read more »

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