Engage your street

Every street can benefit from a bit of friendly leadership.

It's not difficult to get your street onboard with The Urban Rat Project. And it doesn't need to involve door-knocking if you don't want.

Korimako / New Zealand Bellbird, Anthornis melanura

© Glen Fergus 2008

Here's some ideas

You can make a difference in your street in a number of different ways.


Door knocking

Nothing beats good old-fashioned door knocking, and it's the best way to really engage your neighbours.

Make sure you know about NZ's Predator Free 2050 goal - you'll be surprised how many people have never heard of it. People become much more interested when they realise just how badly off our birds and reptiles are too.

Swat up on the current stats for your neighbourhood.

And it's a good idea to be familiar with our FAQ, because many of those questions will be the ones you'll be asked.

paper cranes productions

Leaflet drop

We've created a leaflet which you can customise and distribute in your neighboorhood.

Download it from our resources page, fill in the blank space with information relevant to your neighbourhood and a way to contact you, then get some printed at a local copy shop and hit the road.


Social Media

Reach out to your neighbours on any platform you can - re-post our posts or re-tweet our tweets, and mention @urbanratproject on a regular basis (online, once is never enough!).

Or just email them a link to ratproject.org.

Still got questions?

Find out more from the pages below.

And if you're still stuck, reach out to us on the Contact page - we're very friendly and if you've still got questions, chances are we haven't explained everything as clearly as we could.