Engage your street

Every street can benefit from a bit of friendly leadership.

It's not difficult to get your street onboard with The Urban Rat Project. And it doesn't need to involve door-knocking if you don't want.

Korimako / New Zealand Bellbird, Anthornis melanura

© Glen Fergus 2008

Here's some ideas

You can make a difference in your street in a number of different ways.


Door knocking

Head out on foot and get the rest of your street using The Urban Rat Project. See who can get to #1 in your area!

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Leaflet drop

We've created a leaflet which you can customise and distribute in your neighboorhood.

Download it from our resources page, fill in the blank space with information relevant to your neighbourhood and a way to contact you, then get some printed at a local copy shop and hit the road.


Social Media

Reach out to your neighbours on any platform you can - re-post our posts or re-tweet our tweets, and mention @urbanratproject on a regular basis (online, once is never enough!).

Or just email them a link to ratproject.org.

Still got questions?

Find out more from the pages below.

And if you're still stuck, reach out to us on the Contact page - we're very friendly and if you've still got questions, chances are we haven't explained everything as clearly as we could.