Automate your project

Whether you're thinking about one street or hundreds, The Urban Rat Project helps you engage your community.

You can use The Urban Rat Project for free to help run any size urban predator control programme.

Tauhou / Silvereye, Zosterops lateralis

© Bernard Spragg, 2013

How big are you thinking?

You've got two main options, depending whether you're just thinking about a street or two, or a whole community.


A few streets

If you'd just like to get more people into trapping in the streets around you, check out how The Urban Rat Project can help on our Engage your street page.


Queenstown from the air

A whole community

If you've got a community conservation project going, or are seriously planning one, then check out our Engage your community page to find out how to get your own 'powered by The Urban Rat Project' reminder and data collection system.

Still got questions?

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And if you're still stuck, reach out to us on the Contact page - we're very friendly and if you've still got questions, chances are we haven't explained everything as clearly as we could.